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Unsticking The Sale Between Demo And Close

We spend a lot of time researching prospects, qualifying them, reaching out and demonstrating that we can help them solve their problems. But if you’ve been selling any length of time, you know that the time between the demonstration of what you sell and getting buyer commitment is where many sales are lost. Prospects don’t return calls, emails, or social media messages, or they do – only to say they’re still considering whether to do business with you. To help us understand how the best salespeople are systemizing how they ensure deals aren’t lost between the demonstration and the sale,…

Systemizing The Spotlight Effect In Sales

“I’ll give you a call next week,” are words that salespeople love to hear until they learn to dread them. In the early days of a sales career, we hang up after a great conversation and can’t wait for the phone to ring after the prospect reviews our offer. Then we wait and wait some more. That’s when we learn to dread hearing those words. Whether we love or hate it when a prospect doesn’t return our calls, it’s important to know that it’s due to a single issue: The Spotlight Effect. This effect is the focus that each of…

Systemizing Training To Be A Force Multiplier

Green Berets are known around the world as high performers, but when I was able to study them on the battlefield, I was surprised to learn they nnever judged themselves on how well they could shoot. They understood their value wasn’t in how effective they were – rather, it was how effective they could make everyone else around them. There’s a lesson there for every sales leader around the planet as so many of them spend countless hours individually coaching and training their salespeople to be better. That’s not time wasted, but it definitely doesn’t make them as effective as…

Systemizing Prospect Receptivity

Few people wake up thinking, ‘I hope a salesperson calls me today.’ Why is that, when we have a life-changing product or service to offer them? It’s because most salespeople focus on themselves and what they’re selling instead of the challenges our prospects face. The few salespeople who are solution-focused experience more return calls, engagement and a shortened sales cycle. So how do we increase prospect receptivity even if we can’t change what we’re selling? To show us how to systemize increasing prospect receptivity, we sat down with Adir Ben-Yehuda, an Israeli Defense Force veteran who understands the power of…

Systemizing Great Outreach Videos

The units I studied on the battlefield were always interested in the technology that would help them get better results, but they didn’t abandon everything they’d learned during land-navigation training just because they now had GPS units and handheld drones. The same applies when using technology in our sales outreach – we can’t forget the basics. Salespeople are making the same mistakes with video that they’re making with phone calls and emails – making it all about them, not offering valuable insights that help with their prospect’s businesses, and of course not following up. That’s why we wanted to sit…

Systemizing What And How You Train In Sales

Salespeople know that what got them to wYet salespeople and their leaders struggle to determine what they should be training their people in when there are an unlimited amount of options available. Training has to be relevant and immediately applicable if we’re going to get salespeople engaged, and that’s a challenge in and of itself. That’s why we sat down with George Hamilton, a salesman with Flexe. He leverages his experience as a former Army artillery officer to ensure the salespeople on his team receive training that helps them with what they need to succeed. Since we’re trimming hope from…




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