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Moving Past Relying On Rapport

Ever spoke with someone who really wanted you to like them?  And did that make you want to have a relationship with them or not? It doesn’t work in social situations, but it’s often the chief strategy of salespeople. Desperate for the sale, they turn on the charm and try to leverage rapport to win the sale. Unfortunately, that often ends in both parties not liking each other much as the new customer realizes they bought a relationship and not necessarily a product or service that moved them closer to their goals. To learn how we can move past relying…

How Senior Salespeople Can Systemize New Ways Of Selling

When was the last time you tried something new in your sales process, even if you were already hitting your sales goals? As we advance in our sales career, it becomes tougher and tougher to improve. Paradoxically, the thing that allowed us to be successful – our willingness to adapt and try new things – are still valuable in helping us make sales. Yet as we become comfortable with a few tried-and-true techniques, we stop trying new things. On battlefields around the world, I saw folks dedicated to continuous improvement – because they knew if they weren’t getting better, they’d…

Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Once we get the hang of selling, it’s easy to put ourselves on auto-pilot – focusing on the things we’re great at and ignoring or minimizing the areas where were struggling. One lesson we learned in the military was that we were only as strong as our weakest area. In sales, our weakest area may be finding new prospects, setting meetings, issuing purchase orders, or even in generating referrals. These weak areas force us into a ‘plateau’, and if they’re not addressed, they will slow down success. High-performing troops take the time to assess where each member of the team…

Creating A Bulletproof Prospecting Plan

One of the scariest things any of us can do is go into an unknown situation where the stakes are high. Where rejection is likely. Where success and failure are on the line. Yet, that’s exactly what we’re asked to do as salespeople every day: Introduce ourselves to strangers and still accomplish our mission. When I was in Iraq, I was able to see US Marines enter high-stakes situations as they fought house to house in places like Fallujah. A decade later, I saw there was a lot in common with those Marines and the salespeople I worked alongside. Both…

Eliminating Sales Stalls With Systems

Every salesperson on the planet has an area where their sales typically stall. For some, it’s filling their pipelines with new prospects. For others, it’s overcoming prospect concerns during sales calls. Regardless of where your sales are stalling now, it is possible to create a crystal ball to use throughout your sales cycle; knowing ahead of time what challenges you’re likely going to encounter and having a strategy already in place to deal with it. It’s not magic – but it is a system top-performers across the military and the highest-performing companies use to ensure that unexpected problems don’t wreck…

Unsticking The Sale Between Demo And Close

We spend a lot of time researching prospects, qualifying them, reaching out and demonstrating that we can help them solve their problems. But if you’ve been selling any length of time, you know that the time between the demonstration of what you sell and getting buyer commitment is where many sales are lost. Prospects don’t return calls, emails, or social media messages, or they do – only to say they’re still considering whether to do business with you. To help us understand how the best salespeople are systemizing how they ensure deals aren’t lost between the demonstration and the sale,…




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