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Using Mission Objectives To Drive More Sales

Ask a salesperson what they’d prefer to do instead of being on the phone or visiting a new prospect and you’ll never be short of excuses. Yes, calling and being in front of new prospects is the exact thing these same salespeople say they’re in the business to do! Why do salespeople struggle so much with preparing – and making progress in – their sales meetings? It comes from the mistaken belief that they have to make the sale on every call. While that’s a great goal to have, we need alternate outcomes that also position us for future success.…

Systemizing Account Handoff

Selling is tough enough when prospects have so much competing for their attention, other salespeople, professional priorities, personal issues. That’s why it’s downright depressing when we find out we lost an opportunity because our own sales process failed. Whether due to a poor handoff or lack of a next step on an account, too many sales are lost because we simply lost track of a prospect along the way. Because this is a loss area that’s fully preventable in the sales industry, we wanted to learn from the best how we could systemize prospect handoff, whether we were moving the…

Systemize Sales Resources

‘Adding value’ are popular words in sales, and for good reason – if we’re not adding value to the lives of our prospects and customers, we can’t expect them to care about what we’re selling. You may have a lot of resources available, whether it’s pricing sheets, delivery timetables, product samples, etc. However, the time will quickly come when your competitors have those resources as well. To differentiate ourselves in the eyes of prospects, we must be the ones bringing unique value to the table, and that means bringing resources prospects can’t get anywhere else. To learn how to develop…

Systemize The Way You Communicate Research To Prospects

Prospects don’t care what we’re selling until they know we care about them. That means not just taking the time to research their industry, market, and challenges, but also being able to share what prospects don’t know – but should. If we can move beyond asking prospects what’s keeping them up at night and move to tell them what should be keeping them up at night, we’ll be seen as partners instead of vendors. That’s guaranteed to generate better pipeline movement. But with all the data available to us and our prospects, how do we week through it? To understand…

How To Consistently Elevate Prospects

Ever try to sell to someone who was angry? And how did that work out? The best salespeople tend to be the best influencers – and I’m not referring to their Instagram following. The basic function of a salesperson is to help their prospects make decisions, and of course to influence them towards the outcome the salesperson thinks is best. That means that as salespeople, we need to be aware if we’re exerting a negative or positive influence on our prospects. Even if a prospect isn’t willing or ready to do business with us today, they will remember the impression…

Systemize Your Pitch With Your Personality

One of the toughest parts of any sales role is trying to learn the ‘company pitch.’ It’s something that every junior salespeople has to memorize and oddly, something senior salespeople don’t seem to use at all. If a ‘pitch’ is so valuable, why do the most successful salespeople not use them? They do, in fact, pitch – they tell impactful stories about the challenges they’ve seen clients struggle with and how your company solved them. Those well-worn stories are injected with the personality of those senior salespeople. Unfortunately, it takes a decade or more to get those stories and leverage…




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