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Systemizing Great Outreach Videos

The units I studied on the battlefield were always interested in the technology that would help them get better results, but they didn’t abandon everything they’d learned during land-navigation training just because they now had GPS units and handheld drones. The same applies when using technology in our sales outreach – we can’t forget the basics. Salespeople are making the same mistakes with video that they’re making with phone calls and emails – making it all about them, not offering valuable insights that help with their prospect’s businesses, and of course not following up. That’s why we wanted to sit…

Systemizing What And How You Train In Sales

Salespeople know that what got them to wYet salespeople and their leaders struggle to determine what they should be training their people in when there are an unlimited amount of options available. Training has to be relevant and immediately applicable if we’re going to get salespeople engaged, and that’s a challenge in and of itself. That’s why we sat down with George Hamilton, a salesman with Flexe. He leverages his experience as a former Army artillery officer to ensure the salespeople on his team receive training that helps them with what they need to succeed. Since we’re trimming hope from…

Systemizing Great Sales Conversations With Neuroscience

Too many salespeople hope their questions will be witty and insightful enough to grab the next prospect’s talking and sharing their challenges. If there were a few magic words that got anyone sharing their secrets, then anyone could sell. Unfortunately, few prospects want to share details of their lives and businesses without having gained something in return. The salespeople who understand this basic principle of psychology and science also understand that they have to bring something the prospect considers unique and surprising if they want to begin a great relationship and sale. That’s why we sat down with Moeed Amin,…

Systemizing Customers Selling For You

We know it’s easier to convert an existing customer than it is to develop a new one – but limiting ourselves to only selling to current cuctomers limits the impact and income we can make. What if we could turn our existing customers into a source of intelligence for how to better convert new prospects? How do we turn them into a sales asset that we can leverage on folks who are on the fence about doing business with us? That’s what we sat down with Ross Trampler, VP of Sales for Teslio, to learn. He’s a former Army officer…

Systemizing Sales Intelligence

Intelligence can make or break a sale. The ‘market intelligence industry’ is booming, because salespeople know the better prepared they are, the more chances they have of success in the sale. Too many salespeople are engaging in gathering intelligence – but they’re doing it too late in the sales process. If we’re waiting for a prospect to express interest by downloading something from our website, emailing us or picking up the phone, we’re already behind the power curve and are focused on lagging intelligence. There are a lot of things that happen in a prospect’s mind before they begin to…

Turning Your Mindset Into A Skillset

‘Mindset’ is thrown around a lot in sales. ‘Have a great mindset’, ‘it all starts with mindset’, ‘master your mindset to master your life.’ So, salespeople do whatever they can to pump themselves up before call blocks, visualize positive outcomes, and all the ‘tricks’ that exist to improve our mindset. Unfortunately, no one tells salespeople how to develop a great mindset in the first place. That means anything we do to improve our mindset is like taking an aspirin for a broken bone. It’ll make you feel better for a while but does nothing to actually get you performing at…




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