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Systemizing Great Sales Team Meetings

When was the last time you learned something during a sales team meeting? When many of our teams went virtual during the pandemic, we lost that ‘learning by osmosis’ that so many salespeople relied on to learn what was working and what wasn’t. There’s a lot to be learned from overhearing sales calls from our peers. So how do we create that environment where junior salespeople can learn from their senior peers and sales leaders can better coach their teams when so few of us actually meet as a sales team anymore? It comes from treating our salespeople like they…

Making The First Seconds Count1

“Once you’re flat on the canvas, it doesn’t matter how great you would’ve been in the second round.” The first seconds of any sales call are the worst. The salesperson always knows they’re an interruption, and the prospect always knows they’re being ambushed. It’s that awkwardness that often keeps salespeople doing anything BUT making calls, and keeps prospects sending every unknown number to voicemail. Instead of treating sales calls like an inconvenience, what if there was a way we could make the first seconds of any sales conversation an opportunity to demonstrate empathy and build trust? That’s what we sat…

Find Better (And More) High-Quality Prospects

The best sales skills in the world won’t help if you’ve selling to someone who can’t buy. That’s a hard-earned lesson in the field of sales, and unfortunately, most salespeople only half-learn it. They pursue prospects that aren’t a great fit for their product, service, or company, in the hopes that they can overcome quality with volume. To help us systemize how to find high-quality prospects, we sat down with Sarah Jane Hicks, a sales consultant who helps organizations capture their sales systems into playbooks that everyone can benefit from. She walked us through how any salesperson can systemize how…

Systemizing A Custom Sales Process

‘Consultative selling’ is a buzzword among salespeople, but few understand how to do it, or the impact it can have on conversion and client retention. Why? Consultative selling means building a customized sales process and custom solutions – and that’s a time-consuming process that can involve dozens or hundreds of individual steps and questions. Yet we know that the more we can tailor our products and services to the individual needs of our prospects, the more chance we have of driving conversations, getting meetings and selling. That’s why we sat down with David Longhini, a sales leader who builds software…

Targeting Top-Tier Prospects

If you’ve seen folks try to prospect on social media, you’ve seen sales done poorly. Meaningless polls (do you like peanut butter or jelly?), spammy messages (book some time on my calendar) and pitches with no context. Yet there are salespeople leveraging social media successfully every day – what are they doing differently? That’s what we sat down with social media sales expert Phil Gerbyshak to discuss. He's served in multiple sales enablement positions and understands what it takes to source, pursue and close top-tier clients using social media. Because we’re trimming hope from our sales strategy, we’ll use the…

Systemizing Sales Integrity

There’s a lot to be said for doing what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it. It creates trust, and it creates customers. So why do so many salespeople suck at it? If we’re only managing a few prospects, it’s easy to remember all the promises we’ve made, the things we said we’d send, the next meeting we have lined up. But once we start scaling out our pipelines and regularly add new prospects, it becomes impossible to remember every conversation, every promise, and every commitment. Too many sales fall through the cracks…




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