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Revolutionize Buying By Understanding How You Sell

Ever ‘clicked’ with a prospect? Like you had the same personality type and were already old friends? How much more impact could you make if you only had prospects you ‘clicked’ with? To learn how to leverage our selling style so that we can better serve prospects and create more of those ‘click’ moments, we sat down with Collin Mitchell, Director of Sales at Humantic AI. He shared insights on how assessing our sales style can help us understand both our pipeline prioritization and what our buyers are interested in learning. Because we’re trimming hope from our sales strategy, we’ll…

Systemizing Success Into Every Call

Sales is the battlefield of business, with unknowns around every corner.If we’re going to win on this battlefield, then we have to stop trying to control every outcome and focus on what we CAN control – ourselves.So how can we ensure that we identify the things we can control on any sales call, and ensure those things stay front and center?Steve Heroux, the founder, and CEO of Sales Collective recently shared how any salesperson can maintain control of their mindset – and skillset – during a tough sales call.During our interview, he discussed a framework that helps salespeople better prepare…

Qualifying For Customers Instead Of Prospects

Ever sold something and immediately regretted it?While the rush of making a sale is great, if we’ve taken on a bad client or sold them something that’s time-intensive to deliver, a dream sale can quickly become a nightmare.Instead of focusing on selling anything to anyone, the highest-performing salespeople don’t cultivate a pipeline full of prospects. Instead, they build a pipeline full of great potential customers.If you’d like to sell more and get more enjoyment from your sales conversations, it means revamping the way you’re likely qualifying prospects before and during outreach.And when it comes to systemizing a customer-focused qualification process,…

Systemizing What Happens After The Sale

You made the sale – congrats! But don’t think that you’re done.Until that check is in the bank, you haven’t completed the sale. In fact, you’ve only just begun.As a salesperson, it's all too easy to overlook the importance of the money customers owe you. However, managing accounts receivable is vital for any business's financial health, and too often, it's neglected. For many salespeople, we can’t deliver on our promises until we’re paid and that means we’re leaving our new clients in limbo.To learn how to systemize getting paid on time so we can begin delivering on what we’ve sold,…

Systemizing Solution-Oriented Sales Calls

In crowded markets, it’s tough to stand out from competitors – especially if what you’re selling is more expensive.Add to that the fact our prospects are more inundated than ever with information and challenges. If we’re not showing up with value, then we will be sent to voicemail and have our emails deleted.However, there is a way to quickly differentiate ourselves and discover the specific challenges our prospects face, but most salespeople are unwilling to do it.According to David Copeland, sales director at Technam Aircraft, differentiating ourselves and getting more sales engagement doesn’t mean selling. Instead, it means being the…

Systemizing Certainty Into Your Sales

When most of us think of sales, ‘certainty’ isn’t the first word that comes to mind.Sales is a tough industry, buyers are tough to get ahold of, and we’re encountering more stakeholders than ever in every deal.Yet, we have a product or service that makes the lives of our customers better, allowing them to achieve their goals faster. Instead of asking ‘why is selling so tough?’, we should be asking, ‘how can I build more certainty into how I sell?’The easiest way to do that, according to Gal Aga, CEO of Aligned and former military policeman in the Israeli Defense…




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