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Systemizing Prospect-Focused Outreach

Cold calling is one of the most feared events in a salesperson’s day, and even in their career. The chance of connecting is low, and the opportunity for rejection is high. Why is that? After studying more than 10,000 sales calls ourselves, we noticed that most salespeople make the call about them – ‘Let me explain what we do to you.’ ‘Let’s meet so I can show you how our product/service works.’ Or the ubiquitous, ‘Use this link and get 15 minutes on my calendar so we can see if I’m a good fit.’ The reason messages like that meet…

Triggering Trust In Sales

“Do your customers know, like and trust you?” That’s a question that’s been asked hundreds of times, and it’s one of the hardest ones to answer because ‘trust’ is such a hard thing to measure. We know when we trust someone to fulfill their commitments, and once trust disappears it’s very difficult to rebuild it. However, the companies that have the highest amount of trust with their customers are the ones who have the shortest sales cycles and highest margins, so it’s worthwhile for any salesperson to ask, ‘How can I increase the trust my prospects have for me and…

Systemizing The Way You Solve Sales Problems

Stay in sales long enough, and you’ll encounter problems. Problems finding qualified leads, problems getting them into conversations. Problems getting them to commit to meetings. Problems getting their commitment for next steps. To sales leaders, this often sounds like, ‘our leads are poor quality,’ ‘no one is picking up the phones,’ or ‘folks want prices and delivery timelines that we can’t meet.’ Too many salespeople assume these problems come with the sales profession. We sat down with David Masover, a sales leader who’s been solving problems for decades, to ask how he solves sales problems for teams. He explained that…

Are Your Sales Processes Out Of Date?

Whether salespeople know it or not, they’re using processes when they sell. Unfortunately, if those processes aren’t systemized, then they’re rarely updated and often hurt sales more than help them. What worked pre-pandemic won’t have the same effect today. In order to ensure we’re capturing what’s working across our pipelines and keeping it up to date, we have to regularly examine the processes our sales team uses. that's why we sat down with Nick Sheehan, a sales leader who teaches others how to effectively systemize their own businesses and franchises. He advises that we ask: Is this achieving the results…

The Words Salespeople Are Afraid To Say

Sales is one of the few career fields where ‘fake it till you make it’ is an actual strategy. Unfortunately, when that technique works it often breeds salespeople who assume they don’t have anything new to learn. Instead of encouraging salespeople to up-level their skills, success unfortunately confirms a false sense of confidence that damages relationships and limits a salesperson’s ability to adapt to a changing sales environment. We brought that challenge to a sales leader who understands the power of the words, ‘I don’t know’, and who has leveraged humility to not only find success in sales but also…

Systemizing Sales Sequences

When it comes to sales systems, there is no topic salespeople argue about more than automation. Some salespeople love it, some say it costs them sales. Sales leaders understand how it can save time, but many are reticent to use them for fear of turning prospects away or lowering engagement. There’s a middle road, and it’s the Bulletproof Sales method of building sequences that are well-planned. Instead of trying to save time writing an email, sequences should be designed so they save time in the sales cycle. Jason Beck, a sales leader who understands sales automation, means making them do…




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